How To Order

How To Order

We understand that your time is valuable. That is why our team helps you take care of the details in whatever way we can.  We do our best to assist you in getting things right the first time, so you have more time to spend with your patients.

The Order Process is Simple!

  1. Collect your medical records relating to the item the patient needs to order.
  2. Write a detailed order or prescription for the item and accessories you need to order. Click here to view the product requirements:
  3. Fax your order along with the necessary documentation to (516) 596-3080 or email to [email protected].

If you are unsure how to prepare a Detailed Written Order we can do it for you if you send your examination notes and orders. We will then prepare the DWO and send back to you for review and signature. Click here to view the product requirements:

Order Confirmation and Delivery

Valmar Surgical’s Intake Process:

  1. Verify your insurance coverage
  2. Confirm that medical records meet coverage criteria
  3. Prepare a Detailed Written Order (if needed)
  4. Schedule delivery times with your patient.

Our intake team with enter it into our system once the order is received for tracking. As soon as it’s entered, you’ll be faxed a confirmation that we received your order.

Delivery Times

We schedule your order for delivery as soon as we are done reviewing and processing it, which is usually the day after our intake department reviews it, provided all Medicare or insurance requirements are received.

To track your order, click here: