ALP System

ALP Task Manager

An Advanced Care Plan System

Simple and smart.

Comprehensive and cohesive.

A digital platform to efficiently manage your residents’ care plans

Fully digital, no documents or papers needed!

About ALP

Our advanced care plan software is designed to facilitate the creation of a successful care plan and to effectively and accurately manage it in real time.

We know that you value your residents’ care and we are here to help you achieve that by offering:

· A platform to manage and streamline the process of performing resident tasks

· Secure record keeping

· An easy and efficient way to generate task sheets for auditors

· Accurate billing

From electronic care plans to electronic task sheets, the ALP task manger gives you the peace of mind that your important paperwork is secure in one location.

How it works

1. Your nurse sets up an individualized care plan customized to the resident’s needs

2. The care plan is easily implemented by assigning tasks to your facility’s shifts

3. The nurse and manager track the HHA’S progress and notes with relevant reporting

4. The HHA’s mark off each task once complete on self-service kiosks

5. Tasks are accurately billed for the exact services provided


User-Friendly Experience

HHAs have the ease of a user-friendly program to report completed tasks. HHAs have the benefit of viewing their task sheets in multiple ways. Offering various views provides the HHA with the discretion to choose an approach for completing tasks that best fits their responsibilities.

Management Tracking

Managers are able to track tasks to ensure task sheets are being followed correctly. Some of the reports that they can utilize are as follows:

a. All reported tasks – managers are always in the know about which tasks are completed; Managers can view up to a month’s worth of tasks completed by HHAs

b. Refusals by HHA or by Resident – this report shows which resident is refusing important tasks so that a nurse can immediately address it before escalating. Both reports show how many refusals are made and by whom.

c. Missed tasks – HHAs are held accountable for incomplete tasks. This report shows which resident tasks were missed.

d. Due care plans – never complete a care plan late again! The user can run this report to see who is due for a care plan.

e. Task report – easily produce task sheets for auditors. This report can be run filtered by resident in a specific timeframe for an audit.

Nothing is Overlooked

Residents can feel assured that they are in good hands because tasks are never overlooked. Rollover tasks are exclusive to the ALP Task Manager. No other program allows a resident to decline a service while permitting the task to rollover to another shift or day. Residents have complete control in their care; if a task doesn’t suit them at a given moment, they don’t lose out on it and neither does the ALP.

Accurate Billing

Weekly emails which are sent directly from ALP allow for accurate billing and minimizes mistakes. Never bill for unperformed tasks again!